Direct payments: The future?

I’ve been totally addicted to researching the promising future that appears to be ahead of ‘direct payments’ within the field of International Development. The term, and the concept, were launched by the organisation, aptly named as GiveDirectly.  I have shared a link to their website below, should you wish to learn more about their work:Continue reading “Direct payments: The future?”

A warm welcome to the Divided Kingdom

(My family with Monica in London on the day of Mrs May’s ‘Vote of No Confidence’). Many of our supporters will know that we are currently hosting Monica Agaba here in the UK, our director of projects and operations in Uganda. We initially wanted Monica to visit the UK so that she could join DanielleContinue reading “A warm welcome to the Divided Kingdom”

What have I learned this year?

  (Councillor Brian at the secondary School site) What an outrageously difficult question to answer! I’m sorry the blog hasn’t been updated for a few months, but I’ve been quite ill and I’ve had to take some time off work. Nevertheless, The Zuri Project & Opportunity Africa projects are flying and as always, I haveContinue reading “What have I learned this year?”

A collaboration to be proud of

Being involved in a partnership with people in a different part of the world is something very special. I believe that the secondary school project that we’ve been supporting recently really has brought out the best in people. So many people have been involved in the project since its inception nearly two years ago andContinue reading “A collaboration to be proud of”

Funding a Coffee Plantation in Uganda

As many of you may be aware, six months ago we set up a coffee shop in Solihull. The purpose of the coffee enterprise is to serve high quality, ethically sourced coffee from the African continent and reinvest a proportion of our profits into our development work in Uganda. Bora Coffee Co. is a separateContinue reading “Funding a Coffee Plantation in Uganda”