Yet another collaboration to be proud of

(Food parcels prepared for families) I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that our food distribution project in Kihembe was a great success. This was truly a collaboration to be proud of and there are many people to thank. First and foremost, we must thank our Ugandan partner Opportunity Africa, for developing the idea to provide criticalContinue reading “Yet another collaboration to be proud of”

Kihembe food outreach during COVID-19 Crisis

It’s a difficult time for citizens of the world right now and we’ve all been affected by COVID-19 in some way. Many people in Kihembe are suffering food shortages as they cannot travel to their gardens and/or shops, and therefore cannot provide adequate food for their families. Therefore, we are hoping to raise enough moneyContinue reading “Kihembe food outreach during COVID-19 Crisis”